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Academic Pipeline Initiative

This is an opportunity for academically excellent Black South African postgraduate students - a UCT-wide support programme, called the Academic Pipeline Initiative. Students selected for the programme will receive a certain amount of support during the course of their studies at UCT. The intention is to help nurture academic abilities, so that successful applicants could in future apply for an academic position at a South African university (including UCT). The details are set out in the detailed pdf document, with the minimum criteria below:

  • South African citizenship.
  • Candidate must be from the designated group (that is: Black African, Coloured, Indian).
  • Candidate must have a strong academic record and have obtained an average of at least 70% in their previous degree.
  • Candidate must have completed their previous degree within the minimum prescribed time limit.
  • Candidates are expected to register towards a post-graduate degree (as listed in the attached advert) in the UCT Law Faculty in 2021.

Please also note the closing date for applications is 19 February 2021