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Registration - Coursework Programmes

The UCT Senate has adopted a policy of ‘low density’ for campus for the first semester of 2021. This means that although students are expected to be in Cape Town for some contact teaching, many of our usual activities and practices will be adjusted to meet national and university requirements.  

Orientation and Registration for new and returning postgraduate students will take place online for the 2021 intake on the dates below, and as provided in email communications.

** ALL REGISTRATION QUERIES - all queries about registration for postgraduate Law programmes must be sent to Please note that there will be delays in responding should queries be sent to a different address. 


The Faculty's Postgraduate Orientation Programmes will be offered online platform this year, and includes as much information as would be provided in our face-to-face formats. There may be question & answer sessions via Zoom/Microsoft Teams for additional information and clarification after reviewing the online orientation documentation.  Keep an eye out for information being sent to postgraduates from 15 January 2021.

Registration 2021

Registration will also be done online for 2021, and students will need to register remotely using the UCT Peoplesoft system. Clearance for international students (ie. visa, medical aid and fee checks) will also be done remotely. Students are therefore not required to be on campus to register. You will be added to a UCT registration site on the VULA platform, where all the documentation and process outlines will be available. You will also be able to access curriculum advice on a dedicated Student Advice site. Relevant details will be sent to all our postgraduate students.

PLEASE NOTE: The registration deadline for postgraduate students undertaking coursework programmes has been extended until Friday 26 February 2021 and you will not be penalised if you registration is processed until up until this deadline.

The registration process for 2021 is as follows:

  1. You would have received an email inviting you to register online. Please follow the link on this invite to begin registering. If you are having issues accessing this, the guidelines can be found in the resource folder of the SALS Reg&Curr Advic 2021 VULA tab. You will need to log in to VULA (all students with offers have have  been added to the  registration tab) with your UCT login (student number and password). It is very important that all registering students go through the announcements on both tabs as all important information is posted there.
  2. If you are doing your LLM by coursework and dissertation, you will need to start by filing out your MOU form to assign you to a supervisor for your dissertation. If you do not have a supervisor in mind, please fill in the abridged MOU and add your Programme Convenor as your nominal supervisor. Convenors' contact details are available online on this sitePlease note this process requires supervisor and HOD approval and may take a few days to finalise.
  3. The online registration site refers you to vula to find your curriculum for to add the courses. The curriculum form is in the resource folder of the SALS Reg&Curr Advic 2021 vula tab.
  4. Once you have submitted your form, you will be sent communication with regard to process and progress.

International students

If you are an International student, you please need to finalise your pre-registration with IAPO before proceeding to register with us. Please contact them directly if you are experiencing issues. Their email is . If you have fees outstanding, please settle these before registering.

Registration dates

Registration extended: the last week to register online without being charged a late registration fee penalty is 22-26 February 2021.

Registration will take place via service requests.Registration for postgraduate Law students (programmes with coursework) opens on 20 January 2021 and will run for each programme for a set period only.  All students are required to register in the allocated window for their programme. Do not wait until you return to Cape Town before you register.  It is very important that you register in the window allocated for your programme.  You will be prompted to register via a Service Request.

Students registering for the minor dissertation as part of the LLM/MPhil by Coursework and Dissertation Masters are advised to make contact with their supervisors prior to the registration dates in order to ensure that your:

  • Memorandum of Understanding (if you have secured a supervisor) or the Abridged MOU (if you have not secured a supervisor by the time you register) is completed and ready for uploading via a Peoplesoft service request.  
  • Your request for registration will be rejected should you fail to submit your MOU/PPA or your abridged MOU (as applicable)
  • Students completing the Abridged MOU must select the name of their programme convenor as the supervisor.  A list of programme convenors listed are listed here.
  • You are encouraged to complete the MOU/Abridged MOU as soon as you receive the service request.

Students registered for the Professional Masters or Postgraduate Diploma do NOT complete the MOU/Abridged MOU.Last week to register online without being charged a late registration fee penalty is 22-26 February 2021. Registration will take place via service requests.Please note:

  1. Conditional Offers: The results for the 2020 academic year for UCT students are available from 19 January 2021 via the Peoplesoft platform.  For students who write exams in January 2021, results will be released on 10 February 2021. Conditional offers can only be confirmed after these dates.  If you are external to UCT and have not yet submitted your final results kindly note that these must reach us by latest 25 January 2021. Instructions for submission of these documents can be found in your letter of offer. Conditional offers cannot be confirmed unless these documents have been submitted to the Law Faculty Office. Students will not be permitted to register with conditional offers.
  2. Cancellation of offers: Should you elect not to take up the offer please be sure to indicate this via either the online admission system or by email to as a matter of urgency.
  3. Email updates: The Faculty Office will continue to keep students updated via UCT's VULA email system.
  4. Late Registration: Students who register late may face a late registration penalty of R2000.00. 
  5. Initial payments: Please note that SA students can register before making the initial payment on 12 March 2021. All international students must make payment before registration.
  6. Fee payment deadlines: full details on fee payment deadlines for the 2021 academic year are available from the main UCT website
  7. Timetable 2021: The provisional timetable for postgraduate Law courses for 2021 can be downloaded for easy reference.
  8. The 2021 Faculty of Law Handbook: is available here for more information.

Access to resources

Online/remote teaching requires that you have access to infrastructure, specifically IT, data, and space to work. Students who are in Cape Town will be able to access these resources at the university, subject to the appropriate protocols. Students who choose not to be in Cape Town are ultimately responsible for ensuring that they have the necessary resources.

UCT is aware that the current crisis related to COVID-19 will impact the regular operational timelines. Given the fluid situation that prevails all dates contained in our publications and correspondence are subject to change.