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There are a number of key staff members which you may wish to contact prior to or during your postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Law. These key staff members and their contact details are set out below:

Dean's Office

Dean: Prof Danwood Chirwa
Tel: +27 +21 650 2706

Executive Assistant to the Dean: Ms Faiza Mohamed 
Tel: +27 +21 650 2706

Deputy Dean: Postgraduate Studies: A/Prof Lee-Ann Tong
Tel: +27 +21 650 5686

Faculty Office
You should contact the members of this Office should you have any administrative queries regarding your studies including: applications; registration; timetabling; dissertations; graduation; and funding.

Administrator: School for Advanced Legal Studies: Ms Clare Richfield
Tel: +27 +21 650 1677

Programme Convenors
A convenor has been appointed to oversee each of the specialist postgraduate programmes. You should contact the appropriate programme convenor should you have any questions regarding the structure and content of these programmes or their constituent courses.

Commercial Law - A/Prof G Bradfield
Comparative Law in Africa - A/Prof Ada Ordor
Constitutional & Admin Law - Professor P de Vos
Criminology, Law and Society - Prof E Van Der Spuy
Dispute Resolution - A/Prof D Collier
Environmental Law, Marine and Environmental Law -Prof A Paterson
Human Rights Law -  Prof R Manjoo
Intellectual Property Law - A/Prof L-A Tong
International Law -  A/Prof C Powell
International Trade Law - A/Prof A Ordor
Labour Law - A/Prof D Collier
Marine and Environmental Law - Prof A Paterson
Private Law and Human Rights - TBA
Public Law - Prof P de Vos
Shipping Law - A/Prof G Bradfield
Tax Law- A/Prof J Hattingh
International Taxation -  A/Prof J Hattingh

Postgraduate Student Advisor
SALS has appointed dedicated postgraduate student advisors. You should contact the student advisor should you have any questions regarding your choice of degree programme and the manner in which these degree programmes are structured.

Student Advisor for Public and Private Law Programmes: Associate Professor Hannah Woolaver
Tel: +27 +21 650 2493

Student Advisor for Commercial Law Programmes: A/Professor Johann Hattingh
Tel: +27 +21 650 5883

Course Convenors
The resumes and contact details of all course convenors are available on the Law Faculty's website.