Course Component


The Provisional Timetable (2020) for the First and Second semester is available at the link below. The timetable reflects lecture times for the courses. We emphasise that while every effort is made to avoid any timetable clash between all the courses on offer, this is on occasion impossible. We have however ensured that there are no timetable clashes for compulsory courses within a particular specialisation.

We furthermore wish to bring to your attention that while the norm is for each course to be taught by way of 3/4 hour weekly lectures, some of the courses are taught by way of block-teaching. The dates for these teaching blocks are reflected in the relevant timetables. Please watch this site for regular updates as the timetable may change 

The SALS Timetable is attached.   You are advised to check this site for regular updates to the timetable.

Should you have any queries regarding the Timetable, please contact Ms Clare Richfield or 021 650 1677