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Orientation & Registration

Welcoming our new postgraduate students to the UCT Faculty of Law

The Faculty is keen to ensure from the start that our postgraduate students feel welcome and at home in the Faculty. We have great facilities for postgraduates, and we will introduce you to your new academic space and to your postgrad "family" so that you know who is who and where to find what.

To provide a thorough orientation, the Faculty runs a number of different sessions, depending on the programme for which you are registered. 

All new research students undertaking LLM/ MPhil degrees by dissertation only, and all new PhDs have a full-week's induction, held in our prestigious Oliver Tambo Moot Court.  This induction is a week of sessions to orientate you across the Faculty, from where to get your coffee, to how to book a desk in the PostGraduate Library Lounge, and from when research training seminars are held, to where the Dean's Office and the Faculty Office are.  Importantly, we also make sure you know when the Welcome Reception party is!

For all coursework students (PGDip, LLM and MPhil), we run an intensive session to clue you in to where your lectures will be held, where your lecturers can be found, how to find your way around the Faculty, where the cafeteria is, where the healthier food options can be found, and how to navigate your way to the Law Library.

With so many world-class research units undertaking socially responsive work in the Faculty, it's easy to focus in only on one's own area of study and miss insights into this work and overlook opportunities to participate in lunchtime seminars and evening events. Our posgraduate orientation and induction events are designed to make sure this doesn't happen!

Orientation (PGDip and Masters programmes with coursework)

The 2021 Orientation for students registered for the Postgraduate Diploma, Professional Masters and LLM/MPhil by Coursework and Dissertation is scheduled for 19 February 2021.  By way of example, the January 2020 Orientation programme can be found hereTopics included the following:

  • Library sessions
  • The Writing Centre and the importance of the Writing Workshops
  • Navigating UCT systems
  • Introduction to the curriculum and specialisations offered within these qualifications
  • Pertinent aspects in respect of the dissertation, supervisors, and the all-important Memorandum of Understanding
  • The PGLSC - your representative Postgraduate Law Students Council
  • Introduction to South African Law - (for all non-law graduates and international students).

Induction Week (for all research-only Masters students and PhDs)

Induction Week is usually held in late January of each year to welcome new research students to the UCT Faculty of Law - keep an eye open for details of the 2021 induction week (likely to be 3rd week of Feb 2021).  Attached is the 2020 Research Induction Week programme, to give you an idea of how the week is structured.  Due to the high number of international students who make the UCT Faculty of Law their postgraduate home, we make every effort to keep one day for a tour of the Cape Peninsula to introduce our new students not just to UCT but to the life and natural beauty of Cape Town.

Postgraduate Programme Conveners




Commercial Law

Associate Professor J Yeats

+27 21 650 3069

Comparative Business Law in Africa

Associate Prof A Ordor

+27 21 650 5687

Constitutional and Administrative Law

Professor P de Vos

+27 21 650 3079

Criminology, Law and Society

Professor E Van Der Spuy

+27 21 650 2988

Dispute Resolution

Ms M Prinsloo

+27 21 650 3066

Environmental Law, Marine and Environmental Law

Professor S Paterson

+27 21 650 5644

Human Rights Law

Associate Professor R Manjoo &

Ms S Lutchman

+27 21 650 5654/5605

Intellectual Property Law

Professor C Ncube

+27 21 650 3776

International Law

Associate Professor C Powell

+27 21 650 5103

International Trade Law

Associate Professor A Ordor

+27 21 650 5687

Labour Law

Associate Professor D Collier

+27 21 650 5658

Private Law and Human Rights

Not on offer in 2020


Public Law

Professor P de Vos

+27 21 650 3079

Shipping Law

Associate Professor G Bradfield

+27 21 650 2676

Tax Law

Associate Professor J Hattingh

+27 21 650 5883

International Law

Associate Professor J Hattingh

+27 21 650 5883