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Submission & Examination

Students should show at least one draft of their dissertation to their supervisor before final submission to the School for Advanced Legal Studies for examination. If a minor dissertation is submitted for examination that has not been approved and supervised, the Faculty reserves the right not to consider it ready for examination.

The following rules and procedures apply to the submission of LLM and MPhil minor dissertations.

  • The University of Cape Town (UCT) now requires LLM/MPhil  candidates to submit electronic versions of dissertations online via the PeopleSoft Student Administration Self-service functionality.
  • This will mean that hard copies of intention to submit forms and dissertations/minor dissertations are no longer physically deposited. You, as the candidate, submit your work for examination from any digitally-connected destination.
  • At the conclusion of your research, you will be able to complete and upload your intention to submit form on PeopleSoft using this process
  • All communication from UCT regarding the examination process will occur via e-mail. Please make sure that you have your username and password and are able to access the PeopleSoft Student Administration Self Service.
  • The minor dissertation/research paper must be no longer than 25,000 words for the LLM or MPhil Degree.
  • The instructions for the uploading the dissertation can be found here
  • The dissertation should be accompanied by the declaration form, a turnitin report (optional in 2015) and the final abstract.
  • Returning students should bear in mind that the final date for submission of minor dissertations is: the first day of term in the year (the submission date is Mon 10 February 2020, 12 noon) if they do not wish to reregister in 2020 .
  • Students who submit their minor dissertations for examination before the start of the academic year, do not need to re-register and pay associated fees for an additional year.
  • Returning students who wish to reregister for only their minor dissertation in 2020 kindly need to consult page 28 of the 2020 Fees Handbook for submission deadlines. Please also consult the fees handbook for the cost of Registration for the dissertation  only under the degree or diploma programme.
  • Students are required to re-register in February of each year whilst completing their dissertation/research paper.
  • Where a student is required to revise and resubmit a minor dissertation the academic fee will be charged per quarter (i.e. if the candidate must work for up to one quarter he/she will pay 25% of the full fee; for up to two quarter, he/she will pay 25% of the full fee; for up to two quarters, he/she will pay 50% of the full fee and so on).
  • For more information about 2020 timelines for minor dissertations examination from submission for examination to graduation click here