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Course Highlights

Most of the Faculty's postgraduate courses are offered every year, but from time to time new courses are introduced or existing courses are refreshed. We provide you with some of those course highlights here.

For full information on postgraduate programmes and course options, have a look through the Law Faculty Handbook.

  1. International Rights of the Child (Refreshed course: coming in 2022) - course information
  2. Chinese Law & Investments in Africa (Second Semester course - available 2021) - CML5687S course information
  3. Criminal Procedure & Human Rights - course information
  4. Human Rights, Legal Pluralism, Religion and Culture (Second Semester course - available 2021) - PBL5659S course information
  5. Transparency Law and Governance (Second Semester course - available 2021) - PBL5663S course information

We have a number of easy, short, 30-sec videos on some of our LLM programmes and courses, for quick information.