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On campus or online - 2021

Law Faculty Postgraduate Teaching & Learning in 2021

Recent developments in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic have required us to change some of our plans for the delivery of our courses in 2021.

The position for the whole 2021 academic year is now as follows:





  • All LLM, MPhil and PGDip lectures will be delivered online.  Students will thus not be required to attend classes on campus.  There may be the option of on-campus lectures in the courses making up the Shipping Law specialist postgraduate progammes, and the courses related to International Trade Law, Comparative Business Law in Africa, and Chinese Law & Investments in Africa. The possibility of on-campus lectures depends on the ability of the university to comply with the Covid-related restrictions for these courses. These on-campus lectures will be optional alternatives to participation in the lectures by virtual meetings.
  • Orientation 2021 will be entirely online.
  • All students will require a device and internet connectivity to enable them to participate in online learning.
  • Course convenors will provide more detailed information in relation to their courses by the start of term.
  • All LLM, MPhil and PGDip course exams at the end of semester 1 will be online.
  • We are hoping to have invigilated on-campus exams for LLM, MPhil and PGDip courses at the end of the year, which will require students to be in Cape Town.

We are working with IAPO on the arrangements that will need to be made for international students to enable them to travel to Cape Town for those exams.

In the event that events unfold in a way that renders it necessary for us need to change the plan, we will inform you as soon as possible.      

8 February 2021