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Registration - Coursework Programmes

 All key information will be sent to students on your UCT email, so please keep checking.

Orientation programmes - 2022


Mode of learning

Orientation dates

2022 Coursework intake



PGDip & LLM/MPhil/ Professional Masters

Blended – documentation & recorded information lectures on Vula, Interactive Zoom sessions led by Programme Convenors

17 January - 28 January

Professional Masters

Professional Masters Information Session -  via MS Teams.

Click here to join the session. 

For the presentation brochure click here

Friday 28 January


2022 Research Intake

A one-week series of seminars on MS Teams.

24 - 28 January 2022

Law for non-lawyers/ Introduction to SA Law

Workshop is offered online.

To access tab added to the postgraduate Orientation vula site, click here.

Vula site


Registration for 2022

  • Registration will take place online for all postgraduate students (using the PeopleSoft system).
  • For international students the international clearance (ie. visa, medical aid & fee checks) will also be done remotely.  Please don't delay this process - ensure that it is completed prior to your registration date. For more information visit the IAPO student support website
  • Registration opens 17 January 2022 and will run for each programme for a set period only.   
  • All students are required to register in the allocated window for their programme. Do not wait until you return to Cape Town to register.
  • It is important that you register in the window allocated for your programme. All returning students are required to renew their registration at the beginning of each academic year. Candidates who register late will be charged a late payment penalty of R2 000. See the registration deadline dates outlined in the schedule below.

(The schedule will be updated to provide detail on the availability of student advisors).

SALS registration 2022 - Student advice sessions 

Cohort Specialisations (PGDip, LLM coursework &dissertation,  professional programmes) Programme convenor Registration date Student advice times/ zoom sessions
Full-time and part-time postgraduate students Commercial Law Professor Jacqueline Yeats 17 - 21 January 2022

Registration info meeting and Q&A session:

18 January 2022 at 11h00. On MS Teams to deal with registration & curriculum advice. Email for an invitation.

  Comparative Business Law
in Africa
Professor A Ordor 17 - 21 January 2022

Consultations on Zoom from 14h00 - 15h00:  17, 19 & 21 January 2022.
Session Link:
Meeting ID: 964 1339 3443
Passcode: 815874

Alternatively, email with your query.

  Environmental Law; 
Marine & Environmental Law
Professor Alexander Paterson 17 - 21 January 2022 2022 Preparatory Meeting - 17 December 2021 (09h00-10h30) - on MS Teams for all returning and new students to confirm form, nature, modality and timing for courses in 2022. Students are strongly encouraged to attend and should email for invitation.
      2022 Registration Meeting - 17 January 2022 (09h00-10h30) - on MS Teams for all returning and new students to deal with registration and curriculum advice. Students are strongly encouraged to attend and should email for invitation.
Law of Mineral &
Petroleum Extraction and Use
Professor Hanri Mostert 17 -  21 January 2022

17 December 2021 - Information session on Zoom 11h00-12h00;

17, 19, 21 January - Zoom information sessions 12h30-13h30.

14-15 February - Induction Day in-person and on Zoom.

Induction Day Zoom invites will be sent out once the programme is confirmed. Please send queries to

  Constitutional and
Administrative Law
Professor Pierre de Vos 17 - 21 January 2022 TBC
  Criminology, Law and Society (LLM/MPhil only) A/Prof K Moult 17 - 21 January 2022 Thursday 21 & Friday 22 January, 10h00-11h00: sessions for registration related queries. To join these sessions, please access the zoom link here

Meeting ID: 960 6890 1244

Passcode: 177493

  Public Law Professor Pierre de Vos 17 - 21 January 2022 TBC
  General A/Professor L Tong 17 - 21 January 2022

Monday 17 January 2022: 13h00 - 14h00 

Q&A via MS Teams meeting.

to request an invitation to the MS Teams meeting. Alternatively, email queries to

  Human Rights Law Ms Salona Lutchman 17 - 21 January 2022

19 & 21 January 2022

10h00 - 11h00: Vula chat room  

Thursday 20 January 2022

10h00 - 10h30: email for link.

  International Law A/Professor Cathy Powell 24 - 28 January 2022 TBC
  Dispute Resolution Mr Faadhil Adams 24 - 28 January 2022 TBC
  Labour Law (LLM/Prof Mast
Dr Emma Fergus 24 January – 28 January 2022

Mon 24, Weds 26 & Thurs 27 January 2022:

09h30 - 10h00: Vula chat room

Tues 25 January 2022:

09h30 -10h00. zoom session - click here for link to zoom meeting.

Meeting ID: 938 1277 9794

Passcode: 341951

  Intellectual Property Law A/Professor L Tong 24 - 28 January 2022

Mon 24 January 2022 14h00-15h00

Q&A on MS Teams - email for invite to the MS Teams meeting, or email to set up a consultation.

  Shipping Law A/Prof Graham Bradfield 24 - 28 January 2022

Mon 24 January 2022

11h30 - 12h30 on MS Teams

General advice for students registering for Shipping Law programmes and courses. E-mail for the MS Teams meeting invite.

Prof Bradfield is available 24 - 28 Jan between 11h00 - 14h00 for consultations, either in-office or by MS Teams.

  International Trade Law Dr Karin Lehmann 24 - 28 January 2022 TBC
  Postgraduate Diploma in
Tax Law
A/Professor Afton Titus 24 - 28 January 2022

Mon 24 January 2022

14h00 - 15h00: Q&A on MS Teams.

email for the meeting invitation.

  Tax Law Masters
A/Professor Afton Titus 24 January – 28 January 2022

Mon 24 January 2022

13h00 - 14h00: Q&A on MS Teams.

email for the meeting invitation.

  International Tax Law Professor Johann Hattingh 24 – 28 January 2022 for LLM minor dissertation students.

Registration for the second year LLM minor-dissertation must be done in the Faculty of Law on the indicated dates.

Registration for the first year coursework must be undertaken in the Department of Finance & Tax, Faculty of Commerce.

Please contact Heather Martin for first year LLM registration queries.

An induction session for first year LLM students will take place via Zoom in the week of 7-11 February 2022. Details will be provided nearer the time to registered students.

Semester Abroad
& Exchange Students
Semester Abroad
& Exchange Students
Dr Tebello Thabane 24 - 28 January 2022

Mon 24 January 2022

10h00 – 11h00 on MS Teams

General advice and registration. Email Dr Thabane for the meeting link, or for email queries.